WescomDefence is a world-renowned specialist manufacturer of Class-1.1-1.4 energetic material and pyrotechnic manufacturing, producing over 2.5 million pyrotechnic products annually. Wescom has supplied over 5 million pyrotechnic simulator cartridges to more than 15 countries over last 20 years.

Wescom Defence now incorporates PWDefence and is a trusted supplier to UK MOD, our NATO allies and friendly nations and customers worldwide.

The company’s Engineering and Technology Centre boast a highly skilled team, from technician level through to engineering graduates and energetic materials scientists. The team specialises in engineering, chemistry, physics, computer modelling, data acquisition and analysis.

Continuous improvement, robust quality processes and a highly skilled and dedicated workforce ensures that every order is tested, proofed and checked not only to our exceptional standards but also and more importantly to the required standards of our customers.

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Since the beginning, the company, which was founded on its present site in Bremerhaven, Germany has specialised in the broad spectrum of pyrotechnic products and services and this expertise continues to drive customer satisfaction as it has always done.

Using applied pyro-technology, paired with mechanical engineering, a fundamental knowledge of inner and outer ballistics and the chemical engineering of smoke, illuminating, effect, delay, propulsion and ejection compositions, the company has developed an extensive range of technologically advanced and innovative products. Considerable investment in the automation of pyrotechnic production enables the highest degree of quality assurance and reliability.

OPEL RAK 2 achieved on the 23. May 1928 a speed of 235 km/h.
Sander became famous for his development of Rocket Motors for rocket propelled vehicles designed by Fritz von Opel.


Wescom Defence Battlefield Smart Hub brings together launchers, pyrotechnic (weapon) effects and a command module that allows programming/preprogramming of battlefield effects.

The range of realistic weapon effects that can be replicated include:

  • Small Arms Effect – Single, Burst and Salvo
  • Improvised Explosive Devices (IED)
  • Unexploded Ordnance (UXO)
  • Mortars and Artillery – Air Burst Effect
  • Man Portable Air Defence

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