Wescom Defence is a versatile and specialist manufacturer of energetic materials and pyrotechnics. Our Engineering and Technology Centres boast a highly skilled & experienced team from technician level through to engineering graduates and energetic materials scientists. The team specialises in engineering, chemistry, physics, computer modelling, data acquisition and analysis.

Our service involves working with and compliance with various United States Military Standards (MIL-STDs), UK Defence Standards (Def Stans) and The NATO Standardisation Agreements (STANAG) where applicable.


Our highly experienced team are specialists in mixing and pressing of pyrotechnic materials including flash & flare. Controlling the environment during storage and processing remains critical for safe handling of pyrotechnics and explosives and ensuring a quality end product. We remain at the forefront of pyrotechnic manufacture, evolving to meet bespoke customer demands whilst remaining lean and providing value to our customers and partners.

Smoke Compositions

We have been at the forefront of developing and manufacturing smoke compositions for many years, hand-in-hand with supplying the carrying and ignitions system to match. Our portfolio includes low toxic products and RP smoke products, depending on the application required. Whether vivid signalling colour or rapid deployment of dense screening smoke is required, our solutions remain adaptable
and robust for any environment.


Throughout our history the presence of high explosive (HE) materials has been a common feature. In our early years, we stored, pressed and manufactured HE items for many different applications including pressed RDX pellets and canopy cutting cords for various fast jet aircraft as well as demolition stores including Beehives and Bangalore Torpedo. Presently we continue to import, store and manufacture raw HE materials for use in products with various applications.

Environmental Tests & Qualification

Wescom Defence’s environmental test facility and engineering team can provide a number options for any scale of product. This includes the full spectrum of UN ‘Orange Book’ Series testing including packaged and unit drop testing (up to 12m), bonfire testing, vibration tables and climatic and conditioning chambers to name a few. Our specialist teams can provide all up project management for product and material qualifications from cradle-to-grave utilising our vast team of UKAS accredited partners for support where required.